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Undetectable Cornrows


undetectable cornrows undetectable cornrows2
Undetectable cornrows known as are basic cornrows that features weave hair to add fullness and length, but it may consume lot of time Just like a normal braided weave, this style has no knot on top of each row to make the hair look more natural. This method is usually new which can be used in different ways to achieve this hairstyle.
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To create this hairstyle, first wash the hair with a shampoo and conditioned it as usual. Then part your hair from the forehead to nape and divide it into three or four sections. Start the styling from the section close to the ear and secure rest of the sections using a clip. Next use the end of a rat-tail comb to make the first cornrow part and divide that piece into three different sections. Start the braiding process by overlapping the section one over section two and overlapping section three over section one. Continue this process four or five times using the natural hair. Now take a thin strand of weave hair and divide it to add it with the outer strands of your hair. Continue the cornrow method about four or five times before taking another thin strand  of hair for adding it to the outer strands four or five times. Continue adding hair at least every four or five times till you complete one braid. Use the same method of styling the hair all over the hair to end the styling process.
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