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Silky Hairstyle


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Silky hair can give a very beautiful look on any type of hairstyle you want to create. There are few people who will have naturally silky hair, but most of them will try to different things to achieve it. It is very important that the hair is healthy to get a silky hair. Here are few simple steps that can be useful in achieving a silky hair.
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First, consume foods that are strong in vitamin A and C which is mostly found in the vegetables as well as fruits. Beans, lean meats and protein-packed nuts contain raw materials that help to produce healthy, strong hair. Always handle your hair gently and most importantly when it is wet. Condition the hair every time you take a bath to smooth the outer cuticle of the hair to get a silky look. Avoid using shampoo to wash the hair and rinsing your hair with water after using the conditioner. Also avoid using blow dryer, curling iron and a flat iron which can damage the outer cuticle of your hair. If you want to use it, try using it with lower setting and apply heat less frequently. Use hair accessories like headbands and ponytail holders without metal parts or rough edges as it can cut into the hair. Always use a wide-toothed comb to remove the hair knots and snags. Try to use satin pillowcase as the slick satin surface can prevent the hair from breaking.
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