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Methods To Shape Up Hairline


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Shaping up the hair is usually done by African-American men, but it can be done by women also to look completely unique. It is a type of haircut which is trimmed all over your head. Some of them will combine this style with other hairstyles and others will prefer to wear it alone. Use must be having the right tools along with a little practice to achieve this hairstyle perfectly. Try to use sharp blade to shape-up the hair and oil clippers after applying a drop of oil to clipper blades.
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Before starting the hairstyling process, stand in front of the mirror and trim around your head which can be helpful in keeping the hair line straight. Then follow your hairline all the way around your head such as sideburns, by the ears and also around the back of your head. Try to look in a mirror during this process and try to stretch the arm around your head during the trimming process. Try to trim any stray and visible hairs around your lower neck and down into shirt area as desired to achieve a clean-shaven look. You can also spread a shaving cream around your head to get a smoother trim if desired. Make sure to keep the hand steady during the trimming process and get help from a friend during the styling process if needed. Avoid cutting the hair too deeply into your hairline as it can spoil the look.
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