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Methods To Hide Bangs


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Bangs are one of the most beautiful way of styling the hair and it can be used to create different looks. Even though most of the women like to wear bangs with their hairstyle, there are few who wan to hide the bangs. Here are few simple methods that be used to hid the bangs.
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Secure your bangs on top of the head using a hair clip, bobby pin or a barrette. You can also mix and match it with different clothes and make sure to pull the bangs up over the forehead to secure it with a barrette. You can also flip your bangs to the side and hold it with a bobby pin or a barrette depending upon the length of the hair. Sweep the bangs to left or right side of the face and incase the bangs are shorter, try to pull all of them to the side. If you have longer bangs, pull your hair over right or left ear and secure it with a barrette. You can also wear a headband which is made of cloth, wooden, plastic or braided headband. If you have a thick hair, use broader headband and for a finer hair, use thinner headband. Wear a hat and hide your bangs just sweeping them under the hat. Try to create feather bangs which can layer the front hair that gently falls around your face. You can tuck the bangs behind the ears or even part them to a side.
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