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Pixie Lott With Scrunchie Hairstyle


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Pixie Lott is wearing a simple hairstyle with a scrunchie which is mostly worn by most of the women. This type of hair accessories are considered to be a perfect choice for all types of hairstyles including a ponytail. There are various type of scrunchies are available such as textured and patterned that can be used as per your choice. The scrunchies are very easy to use on any type of hair and most of the celebrities prefer this to wear it along with a ponytail.
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The hairstyle which is created with a scrunchie can increase the look for anyone who wears it. Before using the scrunchies you must choose a hairstyle which suits you perfectly and then use the scrunchie to decorate your hairstyle. There are different types of scrunchie such as stretched and some of them will not have elasticity. Try to add the scrunchie to a bun loosely and on the tip of the ponytail or at the bottom of braids. You can also secure a scrunchie by holding core of your hairstyle in one hand and pulling scrunchie to one side. Next twist the scrunchie in a half circle and fold it over your hair to overlap part of the scrunchie. Try to continue overlapping the scrunchie until you achieve the desired look. There scrunchies that are also available in different size as well as material which can be used according to the hairstyle that you are going to wear.
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