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Faux Finger Waves


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Faux finger waves are one of the most unique way of styling the hair. It is a classic look that can be created with a curling iron and wide-toothed comb. There are many celebrities who like to style their hair in this way for special events. This hairstyle can be easily created if the front layers are between your chin and shoulders.
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To get this hairstyle, spread a little amount of hair gel and blow dry the hair with a round brush. Then make a deep side part and divide the hair into three parts such as two sections on the side of the head from back of the ear forward and one section at the back. Next take one or two inch section of hair to clamp it with the curling iron near the root,. Try to curl the hair under one half-turn and release curling iron to achieve the curls. Curl same section of the hair over one half-turn from the bottom of the first half-curl. Continue to curl one to two inch sections of hair on both the sides of the head in the same way. In case the hair reaches past the ears, curl rest of the hair towards your face. Gently brush the waves using a flat brush to set the wave pattern and curl the back section of hair normally. At last mist all over the hair with a hairspray and use bobby pins to secure the hair.
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