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Voluminous Ponytail


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Voluminous ponytail is a very simple way of styling the hair. It can give an adventurous feel for those who wear it. This style can be achieved by pulling the hair back in a single formation or into three vertical ponytails. You must have styling tools such as hair band, small plastic stretchy band, few bobby pins and hair clip to create this hairstyle at home without getting help from a hairstylist. Here is a simple method that can be useful in creating this style.
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To get this style, start the styling process on an unwashed hair and brush the hair out to get rid of any tangles. Take top portion of the hair to secure it with a clip and collect the bottom portion of the hair to secure with a ponytail holder. Next remove the clip and try to tease the crown of your hair and fluff it a little bit.  Collect all of your hair that is at the bottom and pull it back to create a ponytail. Now take all of your hair together around the ponytail and take a small plastic hair band to secure all of your hair together.  Avoid wrapping more than twice as it can spoil the look. Try to fluff it up the hair a little bit and take piece of hair from your ponytail to wrap it around the hair band. Secure it with a bobby pin to end the styling process.
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