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Hairstyle With Glossy Waves


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Creating a hairstyle with glossy waves can give an amazing look for anyone who wears it. Most of the celebrities like to add waves in their hair along with a glossy look. It is considered to be an easy and carefree hairstyle that needs no additional effort to look beautiful. This hairstyle can be created in two ways such as the first method by using a curling iron and the second one if by creating a ponytail.
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To create this hairstyle, mist all over the hair with a little amount of texturizer hairspray. Then blow dry the hair by facing the nozzle pointed downward and try to scrunch the sections to create the waves. Avoid using high heat from the blow dryer as it can loosen the wave and using medium setting can make it more beautiful. In case the hair is too curly, avoid blow drying the hair and divide the hair into four equal sections. Start braiding them together and leave it to dry naturally then let air-dry. This process can relax the curl and create perfect waves. Once the hair becomes dry take out the ponytail and apply a little amount of shine serum between your palms to spread it all over the hair. Now finger style the hair in place as per your desire. Try to pull out some of the curls separately at random for more volume ad finally mist all over the hair with a glossing hairspray to end the styling process.
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