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Lady Gaga With Synthetic Dreads


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Lady Gaga is wearing a hairstyle with synthetic dreads which is usually created on the hair that is short. It is the most unique way of creating dreads which can give a completely different look. The synthetic dreads are available in all the beauty supply shops and hair accessories stores. It is available in different colors, size and thicknesses. This style can be created very easily without spending too much time which is usually done in a really hair dreads and it can be removed within few minutes. Just use these steps to create this style at home.
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To create hairstyle with synthetic dreads, first wash your hair and keep it damp. Next divide one inch square of hair using a rattail comb at the nape of your neck. Separate the section vertically into two different parts and keep the synthetic dread in between two parts to clip upper part of your dread at the crown of the head with a clip. Make a small ponytail by just twisting two parts around our dread and secure it with a rubber band. Keep your ponytail at the lower part of your dread and secure both of them together using a rubber band. Then take the top section of your dread and leave halves to hang. Use the same method on both the sections of the hair starting from end to top of the head, at the crown and also down at the hairline.
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