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Scarf Braid


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A scarf braid is one of the most beautiful and unique way of styling the hair. Even though the scarf is considered to be an inexpensive accessory, it can accentuate a variety of styles. It can be used as a headband, ponytail holder or cover part of your hair.
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First fold your scarf into half just like wearing a headband and continue to fold it until you reach the desired width. Then divide the hair into three different parts to create a standard ponytail. Next keep your hair in the ponytail at the location where you would want the braid to begin. Create a high ponytail for achieving a high braid or low ponytail to get a low braid. Keep the ponytail to your left or right of center to make a side braid. Try to fold the scarf into half and continue this process until it reaches about 4 inches wide. Drape your scarf across the ponytail and try to center the scarf to make the ends hang evenly on both sides. Now wrap each end of your scarf around the ponytail to secure it in place. Divide the hair into three sections and attach the ends of your scarf to the two outer-most sections of the hair. Braid the hair as usual and make sure to weave ends of your scarf into the braid. Secure the end of your scarf with an elastic hair band or tie a loose knot.
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