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Deep Weave Hairstyle


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Deep weave hair extensions can give a soft texture of hair that is very much similar to beach wave hairstyles. Sewing deep weave extensions is like sewing in a straight or a curly hair extensions. Sew-in extensions can help you to maintain the hairstyle for a month or more along with minimum hair maintenance. This hairstyle is also used as a healthy alternative to promote hair growth and it is also worn by many celebrities.
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To achieve this hairstyle, wash the hair with a shampoo and condition it before using a blow dryer on your hair. Divide a section of hair from front of the head to use it to cover the wefts of your hair extensions. Secure your hair with a rubber band to divide it from the remaining hair. Now part the natural hair and start braiding it in cornrows from the forehead to back of your head. Sew ends of your braids to the braided hair to prevent lumps in the hair weave. Next keep the weft of hair extensions against your braid and sew into place by using the needle through cornrow hair as well as weft of the weave. Try to cut the weft close to your head to get a smooth look and continue keeping the wefts and sewing it into place till you cover the entire head. Now take the rubber band from the hair that was secure earlier and brush to cover exposed hair extension wefts.
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