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Male Fade Haircut


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A male fade haircut is one of the most popular hairstyle among young men, but it can be worn by women also to get a unique look. This style is considered to be a precise type of haircut where each layer of the hair will blend in with the long hair which fades into the shorter hair. It is one of the most common hairstyle among military members. This hairstyle can be created shorter or little longer on each level of the hair.
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To get a male fade haircut, first trim your hair to create a longest layer using highest guard on the clippers. In case the highest guard does not cut your hair, try next lowest guard to get the desired length. Try to cut and shape longest layer of the hair using the clippers and shape your hair with scissors with an upward motion. Brush the hair downwards and use next lowest setting on clippers by switching the guard. Try to change the clipper to next lowest setting and trim again in a straight line around your head slightly down your hairline. Continue to switch the clippers to next lowest setting and repeat the same step that was used in the previous steps till you get the desired length and to reach the end of your hair at the neck. At last comb the hair to get rid of the excess hair and wash the entire hair using a shampoo.
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