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Relaxing Hair Chemically


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A chemical relaxer is usually used on the hair to make it more manageable. The chemical relaxers are also useful in removing kink or a curl from the hair to get more easily manipulated texture. You must leave the hair without using any chemicals for a week after the relaxer treatment.
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Use the hair relaxer product should according to the texture of your hair. A mild relaxer can be used for a thin hair and coarse hair needs a medium-strength relaxer to remove the curl. Divide your hair into four equal vertical parts such as first one down the middle at the forehead till nape of your neck and second one from the crown of your head at the middle part above the ear on each side. To use the a chemical relaxer on the root mix the product in a plastic bowl and dip the rat tail comb into the solution to brush it onto the parting. Move to quadrant on the other side of the head and repeat the process. Continue to work with 1/4 inch partings till you reach the crown of the head and then move above the ear with 1/4 inch section. Comb the root continuously while applying the relaxer to ensure the product is evenly spread all over the hair. Then use a shampoo which is recommended in the relaxer instructions to wash the hair and leave it for the period mentioned in it. Next condition the hair with a regular conditioner.
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