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Surfer Haircut


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A surfer haircut has been one of the most worn hairstyle by both men and women for a long period. It is usually distinguished by its messy and tousled look. This hairstyle is mainly popular during the summer even though it can be worn all the time. Here is a simple process that can be followed to get a surfer haircut.
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To get a surfer haircut, mist all over the hair with water and make sure you don’t soak the hair completely. Then part your hair in the middle and brush it thoroughly till the end. Hold your hair on top of the head using a large clip if it is too long and cut bottom hair by gradually releasing hair from the clip. Work your way through your hair from bottom to the top layers. Make a choppy and haphazard cut on the hair using scissors to make it look messy and disheveled. Create layers in the hair by cutting your hair on top and sides of your head shorter than hair at the bottom as well as nape of your neck. To create long layers, leave several inches between the layers and to get shorter layers, leave half inch between the layers. Brush the hair from your neck and face using a comb and apply a dollop of hair gel through the hair using your fingers. Try to keep the hair messy always by using mousse or gel and leave it to dry naturally.
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