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Kelis With Cotton Candy Hair


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Kelis is wearing a cotton candy pink hairstyle that can give a very interesting look to anyone who wears it. This hairstyle will look like a cotton candy which is considered to be much easier style to create on a hair that is short using proper styling tools. It can be created on a hair which is medium and long also. To start the styling process, first clean the hair using a shampoo and you must use lot of hairspray to make the hairstyle stay in place.
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To achieve the cotton candy style, first separate a small handful-sized section of your hair and take the rest to create a ponytail. Then take the loose hair to keep it up and mist the hair with a hairspray underside of loose hair. Use a hair brush to tug on the hair and then use a comb to slightly brush your hair downwards. Make your hair to fall out of the hand during the combing process and mist the hair with a little amount of hairspray all over before releasing the section after creating a fluff on the current section. Continue to fluff the hair into small sections and hold the fluffy hair up for creating a vaguely cone-shape. Now mist the hair with a generous amount of hairspray to bunch together and make sure the hairspray helps your hair to retain its cone-like shape which is the most important part in this styling process.
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