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Hairstyle With Fake Braids


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Braiding hair usually needs long hair and it also consumes more time than other hairstyles. Most of the women like to style their hair in this way but fail to o it because of the time it takes to create. For those who think they cant waste time to create the braid, they can go for fake braids.
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To create a fake braid, first part a section of hair horizontally about one inch from your nape using a rat-tail comb. Make a smaller subsection vertically at an edge of your hair about one inch and secure the remaining hair. Take one inch of synthetic hair extensions and keep fake hair on top of the natural hair to make it three parts to braid. The extension hair must make up two sides using the natural hair as the center strand. Keep the thumb of your left hand below the natural hair and twist your wrist to move the hair to make natural hair move on the left and extension in the middle. Hold the hair remaining in your right hand and all three pieces of the hair must be in your left hand where the extension in the braid will partially formed. Take loose strands of hair in your right hand to continue crossing strands over one another. Braid your hair till the end of the hair and use the same procedure on the other sections of the hair to create the braids.
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