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Methods To Weave Short Hair


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Weaving short hair can be a difficult process for most of them as it can take lot of time to do it. You must add hair extensions to short hair to create the weave hairstyle. Hair weave is added to give the appearance of longer hair along with a new texture and style.
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To weave short hair, wash and condition your hair as usual. Then divide a small section of hair near the edges and crown of your head to secure it separately which will be used to cover your hair weave for a natural appearance. Start braiding the remaining hair into flat and narrow cornrows with synthetic hair braid extensions. The braid extensions can be used to create cornrows on short hair which will provide a strong base for your weave. Secure the ends of your braids by sewing it to the bottom of the cornrows with a curved hair-sewing needle. Next sew weft of synthetic hair-weave extensions in each cornrow with the curved hair-sewing needle and make sure to begin at the back of your head for best results.  Secure the weft tightly to the cornrows and cut the leftover part of the weft. Use the same method on the rest of the hair. Now take the sections of hair which was secure earlier and comb the sections of hair in the weave to cover it. Mist the hair with a hairspray to mist the natural hair with the extensions.
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