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Funky Hair Colors


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Funky hair colors can give a very interesting hairstyle for anyone who uses it. Selecting a funky hair color can be a stressful work for most of them as it expresses their individuality through striking colors. Choosing the right colors is very important while coloring your hair with streaks or a full head of colorful hair.
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The most important thing in selecting the hair color is looking at the people of alternative style. Go through magazines related to funky styles and mostly you will them in the beauty salons or hair supply stores. Go through the pictures of different people with funky hair colors that can help you to compare different hues with face shapes and complexions. The best way is go through the websites with user-submitted photos depicting unusual hair colors. Bleach the hair to make it naturally a pale blonde. Dying pink over brunette hair can give the hair a burgundy appearance, so bleach the hair with a powder lightener and volume hair cream developer. Al ways remember, bolder the color you want, lighter your hair must be to achieve the desired effect. Use different streaks of hair color by testing on few strands of the hair. This will help to find the right color for your hair. Temporary funky colors usually differ in how long they last and try to use different qualities of hair color for testing purpose. Before using the hair color re-bleach the colored streaks and apply the color again.
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