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Gretchen Rossi With Barrel Curls


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Gretchen Rossi is wearing a hairstyle with barrel curls that can give a beautiful and unique look for everyone. This type of style can be easily achieved with a flat iron and it can be used for making versatility hairstyle. The hair can be straightened using a flat iron and you can add body to the locks. This hairstyle can be made easily using any type of flat iron and it was usually created using plastic rollers or hot rollers in the earlier days.
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To achieve this style, brush the hair fully using a normal comb to get rid of all the tangles to make it smooth and shiny. Start spreading a little amount of heat-protective serum in your hands and apply it over the hair. Avoid using it on the hair roots as it can weigh your hair down to make it look dirty. Secure the fine section of your hair one inch away from the scalp and begin from the midway down to curl lower section. Next twist your wrist before sliding flat iron down this section of the hair. Keep flat iron in a position and slide it all the way down over the lock of your hair. Now take out the hair from flat iron which will be in a shape of the barrel curl. Make sure to take out the flat iron from the hair as soon as possible because it can make your curls look tighter.
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