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Teased Poof Hairstyle


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A teased poof hairstyle is one of the most different way of styling the hair. This style usually involves adding plenty of air into the design by teasing your hair to give it a fluffy texture. It is mostly created by a hairstylist as the hair will be mold into a poof to create a unique looking hairstyle. Here is a simple method that can be helpful in creating this style.
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To get this style, first brush the hair to make it smooth and take a portion of hair which will be created into a poof. Take a section of hair near the crown of your head about half an inch wide, three inches long. Insert a comb into the upheld section three to four inches from the scalp and move it toward the roots of your hair by combing it against the direction of the growth. This will help to create a puffed-section of hair at the scalp. Use the back-combing process, till your hair looks like a cotton candy and mist the hairspray. Continue to lift the sections of hair by back-combing them and spraying the hair until you create the rough-shape of the poof. Now brush the uppermost layer of poof and spritz it with a hairspray to keep it in place and push the teased hair under the poof into shape using your fingers. Finally smooth the surface of your poof using your hands and pull rest of the hair to create a ponytail.
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