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Retro Roll Hairstyle


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A retro roll hairstyle is one of the most popular way of styling the hair during the 1940s and it is still worn by most of them as it can give a stylish looking hair. It is an elegant up do that can be a perfect choice for an evening out along with dressier clothes. This style is usually created with elegant loops and high pinups which are considered to be very difficult to create by most of the women. Just follow this simple method to achieve this hairstyle at home without getting help from anyone.
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To create a retro roll hairstyle, first collect all your hair at the back of your head to create a ponytail in the middle. Try to twist your ponytail until all the hair gets twisted together and avoid twisting the first section about one to two inches from the head. Press your hair up against the back of your head or you can also pin it if required. Start rolling the excess hair near the ponytail and make sure that it sits in the middle of your head. Secure the roll at the back of your head starting from the top to bottom and make sure it is secured in a proper way before continuing with the hairstyling. Secure any excess of hair into the roll using a hair pin. At last spritz all over the hair with a little amount of hairspray and press down any flyaways.
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