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Faux Fishtail Braid


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A faux fishtail braid is a hairstyle that can give a really unique look on any type of hair. This style is mostly liked by kids and there are many women who wear it for special events. It is one of the easiest hairstyles that can be created at home without getting help from a hairstylist. Here is a simple method that be helpful in creating this hairstyle on your own.
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To get this style, first sweep your hair at one side of the head over the shoulder. Then push the hair through the back of the hair to front of your hair using the thumb and forefinger. Use the fingers to collect the bottom of your ponytail and flip it through the hole that created by the fingers. Hold your hair securely after first flip which will create a twist and in case your flip is down low reinsert the thumb as well as forefinger again through your hair to pull bottom of the ponytail again. Give your hair a slight tug downward which will make it straight and it will also remove any excess bumps or thickness. Continue to add many flips as you wish by following the same method and make sure to insert your fingers through the ponytail every time in a slightly different spot. At last secure the bottom of your hair using elastic and loosen any hair pieces from the braid to create a messy look.
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