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Hairstyle With Huge Poof


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Creating a huge poof with your hair can give a completely different kind of a look. It is one of the most popular hairstyle among celebrities as it can give a unique look. Anyone can create this hairstyle on their own without going to a saloon. This hairstyle can be created into half poof also. You must use lot of volumizing product and tease the hair to achieve this style.
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To create a huge poof, first keep the hair straight up by the ends and mist it with a volumizing root spray two inches from the roots. Use the hairspray at least twice to make the product to coat your roots. Use hairspray at crown and back of your head where the center or side part ends. Use hair dryer with maximum heat and speed settings to show it over the hair with head upside down. Leave the hair dryer blow air over the roots for about 15 seconds. Then flip the head right side up to take 2 inch section of hair at the back and hold tail comb horizontal to the roots. Use the teeth of a comb about 3 inches from the roots to push it downward onto the roots. Use the same process at least 5-6 six times till you get the desired volume. Now flip the head back up and gently brush it with a boar bristle brush. Avoid brushing the hair too hard as it can make the hair lose its volume.
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