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Hairstyle With Thin Bangs


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Thin bangs usually occur due to infrequent haircuts and naturally thick hair. Having a thick hair can be fabulous for most of them, but it can be a burden for some of them who are looking to wear bangs. Thinning bang needs simple process and there is no need to get help from a hairstylist.
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It is very easy to create thin bangs, first comb the bangs forward over the forehead and split the bangs into half horizontally using a rat-tail comb end. Then pull upper layer of the bangs toward the crown of your head and secure it with a hair pin. You must thin the bangs in two separate layers. Now take the thinning shears and place it vertical over your head or parallel to the bangs. Open the scissors to get a one inch gap between the blades and glide it through the hair to shave your bangs. Start the cutting process from the center of your bangs and about three inches from the scalp. The blades of scissors must cut your hair and avoid taking the scissors too close to the scalp during the process. Try to take out as much hair as possible for the first layer over it from side to side. Now take the second layer and use the same method to thin the bangs. While cutting the bangs, make sure that your hair is fully dry and avoid using thinning shears on fine or thin hair.
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