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Tight Haircut


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A tight haircut is usually worn by military people and it is usually created on men’s hair. But there are few women who like to style their hair in this way as it does not need any regular maintenance. It is a haircut that has a crew cut length on top of the head and shaved at the sides as well as back.
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To get this style, first take the clippers with low setting to trim the bottom of your hair to create an all most shaved look. Use a high or highest setting on top part of your hair to keep it at a crew cut length. Begin the trimming process at the base of your neck and slowly go up to about one to two inches above top part of your ear. Continue this process until go around your head. Use clippers at a slight tilt to remove of the ridge between high and tight area of the cut. Maintain a straight angle as you move the clippers horizontally around the head. Start from hairline at your face and then gently go back. Follow the same method until shaved area fades into the top. Now turn the clippers to a high or highest setting to cut the top by starting at the middle, between the face and back of the head. Keep the clippers against tight part of the hair and go up to your head from the crown of your head to forehead.
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