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Hairstyle With Thick Braids


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Braiding the hair can be easier on any length, but it can be difficult if you have a thick hair. Even though thick hair signifies good health, it can be very difficult to braid them together. Creating thick braids can give a very unique look for anyone who wears it. There are many celebrities who like to style their hair in this way. Here is a simple method that can be followed to create thick braids.
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First comb the hair using a hairbrush to get rid of knots and separate it equal sections. Then tie each section away from the styling process and take one of the sections to divide it into three different sections of hair. Try to back-comb each section of the hair individually and brush from the ends back toward the scalp with short, gentle strokes. Brush the entire section until it gets a fluffy and slightly tangled feel. Now take three sections of hair in your hand including two in your left hand. Cross the section on far left over middle section by taking left section in your right hand and middle section in your left hand. Now cross far right section over the middle section by taking it up in your left hand and middle section in your right hand. Use the crossing method until the hair is fully braided and wrap a hair tie at the end of the braid. At last mist all over the hair to end the styling process.
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