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Curl Hair With Cloth Twists


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Curly hair can be created in different ways and one of the simplest method is with cloth twists. Using twisted cloth in your hair can avoid curling iron which can damage the hair. You can achieve spiral curls that can look more natural than a roller used hairstyle.
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To create this style, first take old cloth which can be easily cut using scissors. Try to cut the strips of fabric about 6 inches long and a half inch to an inch wide. Make sure to cut at least 15 strips for those having less hair. Next wash your hair and keep it slightly damp to make it easier to work to create better curls. Now comb the hair through to get rid of any knots. Then take top two-thirds of the hair and secure it with a hair clip and start the styling with lowest third of the hair. Divide this part into three small sections of two inches each. Take first section of hair and wrap it around the cloth strip. Tie a knot in the cloth strip and keep your hair section tightly in the middle. Continue the same process on the other parts of the hair in the lower section and then take the top section that was secure earlier to do the same. Leave the hair during the night and remove the wraps in the next morning. Use your fingers to go through the hair to divide the curls and add volume.
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