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Tone Down Color From Hair


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If you are planning to add a brand new color in the hair, you can just tone down the hair color. Toning down the hair color will not cause any damage to your hair when compared to changing color of the hair. It is much easier to tone down the hair color instead of trying to change the color of your hair.
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First make sure what type of color you want to create by toning down the hair color. Then select a permanent hair color and a demi-permanent hair color with one to two shades lighter than the desired color. In case you have a golden colored hair, try to tone it down by reducing some of the warmth and choosing darker color which is ashy. Mix the hair color along with the developer in an applicator bottle and make sure to wear gloves in your hands before starting the styling process. Spread the hair color on the hair when it is damp and work it throughout the hair using your hands. Using the hair color on damp hair will help to slow the process of depositing the color into the hair. Continue to apply the hair color all over your hair and check the color changing in a mirror. Leave the hair color on your hair for about 10-15 minutes and then wash the hair using a shampoo. Condition your hair as usual and blow dry it using a blow dryer.
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