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Hairstyle With Side Waves


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Getting side waves can take lot of time than creating waves on other parts of the head. This hairstyle can be achieved with simple styling tools like a curling iron and rollers. There are different ways which can be used while styling the hair in this manner.
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To achieve this style, first mist your hair with a heat protection hairspray and then separate the hair into sections to curl faster as well as accurately. Avoid curling your entire head of hair as you are only creating side waves.  Pull the hair which is not used for the styling process to keep it away from the styling process. Use a three inch-barrel hot iron to curl the end of the strands and make sure that the curls flow sideways. Keep the curling iron in horizontally in the front and place it at a 45 degree angle. Start rolling the iron under to make the curls feed under your hair to create a flip. Leave the curling iron on your hair for about 30 seconds and then roll downward. Secure the curl up again using a bobby pin and roll it upwards. Mist the hair with a little amount of light-hold hairspray and use the same method on the other parts of the hair. Leave the hair for about ten minutes and brush the curls downward gently using a large bristle roll brush. In case the hair fails to curl use little hair gel and curl it again.
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