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Methods To Perm A Long Hair


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A perm is a chemical process that is usually used to create a permanent wave in your hair. This process involves two parts such as wrapping your hair into the desired shape and then a chemical bath to alter the shape of the strand straight, wavy or curly. This method is considered to be extremely harsh to your hair and make sure to take some important precautionary measure before starting the process to prevent serious damage to the hair.
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To perm a long hair, first make sure that the hair is healthy and in case the hair in thin, use an alkaline perm. Always use the perm that is suitable to your hair and purchase perming kits which can provide dense, tightly-packed curls. Get home perming kit which must be used only once if you have healthy hair and familiar with the perming process. Read instructions on the kit carefully before starting the perming process and get help from a friend. The perm solution can be a harsh to your skin, so wear hand gloves to protect the skin. Now wash the hair and blot it dry without using a comb. Then wrap the hair with perming rods by starting at the bottom. Use a perm solution at the scalp and massage it on the strand. Leave the hair for the time mentioned on the kit and remove the rods to wash the perm solution. Spread a neutralizer all over the hair and blot it dry.
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