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Kate Moss With Eton Crop Haircut


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Kate Moss is wearing a very short hairstyle that is called as Eton crop haircut. This hairstyle was very much popular in the 1920s and it is also worn by most of the women in the present day which also includes celebrities. It has got its name which is derived from a similar hairstyle that was worn by schoolboys at Eton. This style is expected to have been emerged in Britain in the mid-1920s and it was a very popular hairstyle which was worn by most the women which includes top actresses. It used to emphasize the shape of your head and focus the interest on your face. Instead of creating this hairstyle at home on your own, get help from a hairstylist to make it look good.
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The hairstyle also features lot of soft shingles and only few of the styling technique will let you grow the hair long. The Eton crop haircut is known as the most extreme way of styling the hair when compared to other similar hairstyle such as a bob. In this hairstyling, your hair will be cut very short and hair cream is applied all over your hair to make it look slick as well as greasy. At present, there are some of the celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle only for special occasions as it gives a simple look. This style expected to emphasize shape of the head and focus interest on the face.
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