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Renee Bargh With Grecian Hair


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Renee Bargh is wearing a hairstyle known as Grecian style and it is one of the most preferred hairstyle among celebrities. This style is known to be reminiscent of Gods and Goddesses as they were found in the literature. The hair is curled and pulled back from your face in this hairstyle or most of time flowing down at the back. This hairstyle is usually used as a classic chignon hairstyle by many women and it a style for every season. Here is a simple technique to create this hairstyle on your own.
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To get this style, begin the styling process by combing your hair straight back of the head and try to remove all tangles. Then take all of your hair at the nape of the neck and hold it in place with hair elastic. Start wrapping the elastic around the hair as many times as possible to keep your hair snugly in a place. Then divide your ponytail to make two equal sections and keep your first section in the hand to make it smooth using a hair brush. Now coil the section of your hair around base of the ponytail and secure end of the hair tail under the chignon using the bobby pins. Try to tuck your hair tail under the hair elastic if necessary and finally tuck down all the flyaway hairs before misting all over your hair with a little amount of hairspray to complete the styling process.
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