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Silky Hair Twist


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Silky hair twists are hairstyles that are usually created on the African-American hair. This style is more suitable for the hair which is more relaxed or completely natural. It is very easy to create the twists in your hair, but it may consume more time when compared to other hairstyles. One of the major benefits of this hairstyle is it can give the silkiness to the hair and stay on your head for about two weeks.
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To achieve this hairstyle, first wash the hair as usual with a shampoo and conditioner. Then rinse your hair completely and use a towel to dry it. Make sure to add a little amount of leave-in conditioner all over the hair. Now take out a section of your hair which is half as large as silk twist will be created. Apply a little amount of hair butter or hair gel all over the section of hair and add a section of synthetic hair which must be of the same size as the section of hair. Start braiding it into the hair for about one inch beginning at the roots. Next divide the section of your hair into half which should include original piece of hair and synthetic hair. Twist each half of the hair in a clockwise motion and then twist two halves around each other creating a helix. Use the same method to twist the other parts of the hair and curl the ends using a miniature spiral roller.
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