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Haircut Using Electric Clippers


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Haircuts are usually done to maintain the hair by most people. But, it can be difficult to visit a saloon or a hairstylist on regular basis as it can consume time as well as lose money from your pocket. It is easy to cut your hair using electric clippers with some proper practice which can save money.
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To use electric clippers, first select a chair that is slightly adjustable or comfortable for you. Then cut your hair after putting a cloth on top of your shoulders such as a big towel or drape a gown. Add the blade guard with the electric clipper which has long teeth such as number 7 and 6 to take off small amount of hair. The blade guards which has short teeth such as number 5 or below will make your clipper to remove more hair. Always begin with a biggest blade guard and take short blade guards to adjust the placesĀ  where you like to have short hair. Start using the electric clippers from front of your head and then move slowly towards back of your head. Take your clipper back near the front of your head just next to line that was created and then move it towards back of your head. Try to cut sides and sideburns as well as back after changing blade guard to get the desired length. Finally remove the stray hairs over the hair line just on the sides and sideburns or back of your neck using the clipper.
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