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Rebbie Jackson With Conk Hair


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Rebbie Jackson is wearing a conk hair that is a hairstyle which is created with a straight hair. This style was popular in the 1920s till 1960s and it is usually created with hair gels. It can be achieved with a relaxer so your hair could be styled in a particular method. In the earlier days, relaxer was used at home by mixing lye, eggs as well as potatoes. The relaxer will be used on the hair by using hand gloves and rinsed to avoid chemical burns. Women who used to style their hair in this way with a large pompadour and this style is considered to take additional effort to maintain it. This hairstyle can be styled in different ways and the best known style is the pompadour which will look completely unique.
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Most of the celebrities in the mid-20th century used to wear this hairstyle as it can give a unique look. This hairstyle is popularized in the Black Power movement which happened in the1960s. It is known to be extinct among the African-American people in the present day. This style is mildly relaxed like a Jheri curl and S-curl to make it look completely unique which needed additional care to avoid sweat as well as other agents that can make your hair revert to its actual state. There are many celebrities in the present day who like to wear this hairstyle for special events as it can give a great look.
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