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Wash And Condition Micro Braids


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Micro braids can be a great hairstyle that does not need daily styling. This style was popularized during the 1980s where most of the African-American celebrities started wearing it. It can be worn as an updo or left loose. This is a long, flowing hair which can be styled in different ways. The micro braids are expected to support in hair growth when it is properly maintained by washing and conditioning it.
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First collect the micro braids to braid it in large sections. Then rinse the braids with warm water and make sure to rinse each braid thoroughly without rubbing it. Dilute the shampoo with warm water and pour it over the micro braids. Try to massage the scalp and squeeze shampoo lather through the braids. Now rinse your shampoo thoroughly from the braids with warm water and rinse the braids again if needed. Use a towel to remove the excess water from the micro braids and avoid rubbing your braids as it can make the hair to frizz. Condition the hair by saturating braids using a liquid protein leave-in conditioner and mist all over the micro braids with moisturizing braid spray. You can also wear a scarf around the head to prevent the hair from frizzing and air-dry the braids. Take out the large braids after it becomes fully dry to get the curly look. To get a straight look, dry the braids until it is slightly damp and then remove the braids.
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