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Hairstyle With Wild Curls


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Having a head full of wild curls can be a completely different look and it is a great option for women who like to have a unique hairstyle with long hair. This hairstyle is very easy to achieve with a set of hot rollers and comb. It is important to maintain this hairstyle properly or it can spoil your look very easily.
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To create wild curls, first wash your hair using a good moisturizing shampoo and condition it with a body-building conditioner. Use a towel to dry your hair gently and spread a firm hair gel through the hair when it is slightly damp. Next separate your hair three equal sections and secure two of the sections up away from the styling process. Keep a hot roller about two inches above the end of separated section and then wrap it around hot roller till all of your hair gets wrapped on the roller. Continue to divide the hair and rolling the section hair until all of your hair is on rollers. Use the same method on the remaining two sections of your hair and make sure to leave the rollers in your hair at least until it becomes cool, and remove it carefully. Now arrange the curls with your fingers and avoid using a hairbrush as it can remove the curl. At last spritz all over the curls with a little amount of hairspray to keep them in place and prevent flyaways.
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