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Hiding Gray Strands


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Having gray hair is known as a mark of distinction for most of the women and there are many who are self-conscious about gray streaks which occur prematurely. Hiding gray strands are very easy which can be done with the help of a hair coloring kit. Using hair color on the hair evenly as per the directions written on the hair coloring kits are very important to get an even and relatively natural look. Here is a simple method that can be used to cover the gray strands in your hair. You can also use a hydrogen peroxide on your hair before coloring the strands to complete the process much easier.
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To hide the gray strands, first wear hand gloves which are provided along with the coloring kit. Then spread a little amount of petroleum jelly around the hairline to avoid dying the skin. Now divide the hair into different parts and secure each of them using hair clips. It is much easier to work with the hair in quadrants without isolating the sections. Try to mix the hair color with the activator and start applying it over the hair with a brush provided with the styling kit. Make sure to concentrate on the gray areas of the hair as it is most resistant to coloring. Leave the hair color to sit on your hair as long as the manufacturer prescribes and wash the hair to take out as much residual coloring as possible.
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