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Feather Weave Hairstyle


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Feather weave hairstyle is a beautiful way of styling the hair and it was one of the most popular hairstyle in the 1970s. This style can be created with a short hair or you can also add hair extensions to create thick and longer hair for adding more layers depth. The layers can be cut within the bangs to frame your face and you can also cut it all over for thick volume.
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To begin the hairstyling, first part the hair in two inch sections and separate the hair that will be cut into layers. Take the first section and spritz it with water and comb the section straight. Keep your hair shaping razor at a length where the first layer will start and hold the razor at 45 degree angle. Pull the hair away from the face and keep it tight. Razor cut the layers by moving razor in a diagonal line from front where the top layer will be down to bottom of your hair. Brush the hair straight to remove the hair interlocked within the layer and use a flat iron over the first cut layer. Now brush the first piece to check how deep you have cut the layer. Take the next section to cut it in a wide diagonal line to get longer layers and shorter diagonal lines to get choppy layers. Use the flat iron again to curl the hair and try to recurl the layers in the front of your hair.
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