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Aubrey Plaza With Preppy Hairstyle


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Aubrey Plaza is wearing a preppy hairstyle that gives a neat as well as polished look with the hair that is medium in length. It was a very popular style during the 1950s, but most of the women wear it even today including many celebrities. This hairstyle is known to be a classic way of styling your hair. It can be changed according to your desire as it can on any type of hair. Just follow this simple method to create this hairstyle on your own and it can be achieved on any type of hair.
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It is easy to achieve this hairstyle, first wash your hair and conditioning it as usual. Then towel dry your hair and separate it into sections to use a blow dryer. You can also add more volume to roots of the hair by bending as well as flipping it over your head during the drying hair. Next spread a small amount of smoothing hair cream over the hair when it is damp and make sure to distribute it evenly. The parted hair must be straight without any zigzags and separate it into sections. Use a flat iron to get sleek to the hair and polished look. Try to flip your hair ends inside and outside using a round brush. Now part the hair at the center with a fine-tooth comb to end the styling process. Add any type of hair accessories in this hairstyle to make it look more beautiful.
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