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Taking Care Of Brassy Highlights


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Having brassy highlights in the hair can be somewhat disturbing for most of the women. Having yellow streaks and brassy highlights are frequent consequences of spending too much time outdoors or highlighting the hair. There are few simple tools that can be used to fix the brassy highlights and enhance low-lights of the hair.
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To begin the styling process, first get a blue-based color-enhanced shampoo to wash your hair and a conditioner to tone down brassiness. Avoid over washing the hair and make sure leave the conditioner over your head for 20 minutes before rinsing it. Use a mild toner on your hair sporadically and over-toning the hair can leave the highlights look damaged. Wear a hat or scarf on your head while going outdoors to protect the hair from sun as it can enhance the brassy look of the highlights. Spread all over the hair using a heavy cream after washing it with a shampoo and leave it on for 10 minutes which can help to neutralize the brassy tones. In case all these options fail to help you, get from a hairstylist as they can tone and add lowlights to the hair. This can help to tone down the brassiness as well as bring out the quality of the highlights. Before starting the styling process, make sure to condition your hair properly to enhance the quality of your highlights. Avoid using at-home highlighting kits as it can cause brassy hair.
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