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Naima Mora With Traditional Mohawk


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Naima Mora is wearing a traditional Mohawk hairstyle that is one of the most popular way of styling the hair among American men and women. There are different versions in which this style can be created and your head will be trimmed on both sides leaving your hair only at the center of the head. This hairstyle was first worn by the indigenous tribes in Great Lakes region and it was specially used by going off to war. This is one of the best hairstyle for those who want to create a new look with their hair.
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To get a traditional Mohawk, first you must trim your head on both sides and leave the hair only on the center. Try to leave about one inch strip down towards the center of your head which should begin from forehead to nape of your neck. Next cut the remaining hair straight down the middle of your head and you can get the desired length by using a clipper. Try using hair dyes to color all over your hair with multiple bright tones such as pink, lime green and blue colors. Then separate the eggs by mixing egg whites with a fork. Spread the hair with a layer of egg whites which can make your hair stiff and stand out. If you don’t like to use egg on your hair, try to use a hair gel to and spritz all over the hair with a little amount of hairspray.
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