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Long Shag Haircut


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A long shag haircut is a perfect way to achieve a voluminous look along with several layers and lengths of hair. It is a very common hairstyle that is worn to make a thin hair look thicker. This hairstyle can accentuate natural waves and curls creating an appearance that is heavily styled with less effort. It is considered very difficult to create this hairstyle at home, but can be done with some practice.
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To get a long shag haircut, you must wash the hair with a shampoo and condition it in a proper way. Then comb the hair to make it smooth and get rid of tangles. Next part it evenly down the center of the head and divide a third part at the front of your head. Take the separated section up to point it straight above your head and comb it smooth. Use your index and middle finger up the hair on both sides of the head until it comes out one inch from the tips of your hair. Try to trim the hair that sticks out through the fingers using a pair of sharp scissors. Use the same cutting method on the other two-thirds of your hair on the same side of your part and the opposite side. Now brush all of your hair smooth and keep the part straight. Make sure the hair hangs evenly on both the sides of your head and try to trim the hair if you find any uneven parts.
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