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Methods To Get A Fuller Hair


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Most of the people want to have a thicker and fuller hair, but it may not possible due to some reasons. In the present day, most of the hair are overexposure to chemicals and treatments which can cause hair fall or thinning. There are natural hair treatments that can be used to get back the appearance of a fuller hair.
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First take a raw egg to spread it over your hair and scalp for about five minutes. Then wash the hair using a volumizing shampoo and rinse it well to give hair more fullness as well as bounce. Create a pH-balancing conditioner by mixing one pint of water along with 1 tbsp of white vinegar. You can use this on your hair than using a regular conditioner after washing the hair. Rinse your hair as usual to get a shinier and fuller looking hair. Another option is misting all over your hair with a beer after washing to retain the healthy shine on your hair. You can also use a large, round brush to comb roots of the hair to create more volume. Use the blow-dryer about three inches away from your hair to make it look thicker. The final option is treating your hair with a banana mask. Mix a banana along with two drops of almond oil and stir it well. Put the mixture on your head and leave the hair for about 15 minutes. Then wash the hair as usual and condition it.
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