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Taking Care Of Spotty Haircolor


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A spotty haircolor can give a very unique look for anyone who wears it, but sometimes it can also cause few problems which can be difficult to solve. If you have highlighted your hair at home, it can be easily fixed by following these simple steps. In case you have colored your hair at the salon, you must go back to the salon to fix it.
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To fix a spotty haircolor, first get a deposit-only color which matches the base color of your hair. Use the darkest color in your hair and usually it needs to be the color of new grown hair. Now mix the dye in a bowl as per the directions mentioned on the package. Wear rubber gloves to avoid accidental skin irritation and discoloring. Make sure to stir the dye using the application brush. Pull back the hair to find out spotty areas which needs to be fixed. Look for lines of highlighted hair which will appear too thick. You can also find any circular areas and bleached spots surrounding the hair. Apply the hair again on the spotty colored sections. Dip the application brush into the dye and spread a little amount of dye over the spotty hair. Try to follow the directions mentioned on the package and wash the dye as usual. At last go through your entire hair to look for any spotty areas and cover it with the hair color in the same manner.
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