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Loosen A Curl Texture


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Most of the women have naturally curly hair that tends to feature tightly coiled curls. It is very easy to style the hair with looser curls to achieve a different look. There are several options such as chemically or naturally that can be used to change the natural curl texture of your hair.
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To get a loosen curl texture, first use a texturizer over the hair which can help to loosen the curl pattern and smooth the hair out. There will be natural waves along with curls that will be looser. Use a blow dryer with the lowest setting on your hair and gently dry the hair using the round brush which will smooth out the curls. Spread a heat protectant spray or a cream before using the blow dryer to protect the strands from heat damage. Most of the women use henna on the hair as it is considered to be a more natural alternative to the texturizer. Henna can add shine to the hair and also condition. It works naturally to loosen the curls and add beautiful body to the hair. Another method is to style the hair without using heat or chemicals to straighten the curls. Try to use hair elastics to braid the hair and remove it in the next morning to get looser curls. You can also twist parts of the hair when it is still wet and stretch curls by creating buns all over your head.
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