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Hayden Panettiere With Military Bun


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Hayden Panettiere is wearing a military bun which is simple way of styling the hair for a formal occasion. It is a perfect hairstyle that can give a simple and beautiful look. You can follow some of the professional methods to make this style look more unique. This hairstyle is mostly worn by military personnel and there are few dancers who wear it. It is considered to be an approved hairstyle for woman as it involves few simple steps in creating it. This style can be achieved in the same manner which a ballerina bun is created. Here is a simple method that can follow while creating this style at home.
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It is easy to create a military bun, first brush your hair completely to get rid of any tangles and spritz all over with a hairspray. Make a side part and pull your hair back of the head to create ponytail at the nape of your neck. Now secure your ponytail with a ponytail holder and use your arm through a tube of a sock to roll it to make a doughnut shape. Slide your ponytail through the opening at the middle of a rolled-up sock and slowly move it close to the head. Move your head forward to spread the hair around sock to keep it smooth. Take another hair band to hold the hair in place and use bobby pins to hold the loose ends of your hair around the base.
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