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Methods To Lock Fine Hair


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Locking fine hair can be a very difficult process for most of them as the hair will be very thin. Most of the men and women who have thick hair will try to lock their hair into dreadlocks to create a unique look, but locking a fine hair is done only by few as it is considered to be a difficult process. Lot of patience is required to create this hairstyle and it can also take several months to achieve the proper look.
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To lock a fine hair, first make sure the length of the hair at least three inches long to create a dreadlock. Start the hairstyling on the hair that was washed three day before and avoid using a conditioner. Divide your hair into even sections which must be about one-quarter-inch to ensure full locking. Now braid each of these sections that were created and leave your braids as it is for a day or two. Braiding your hair will make it coarser which can make much easier to lock the hair. After two days, remove the braids one by one and brush your hair against the cuticle, towards the scalp. Hold the hair strands from the bottom and brush it upwards. At last spread a little amount of beeswax in your hands to apply it over the strands in between to create a lock. Try to apply as much wax as possible to lock up the entire length of your hair.
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