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Lightening Hair Naturally


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Lighten the hair is usually done by few women in the summer and it is done by using styling products or naturally. Using hair products to lighten your hair can sometime damage the hair, so it is better to follow a natural method which is mostly done at home. Natural methods are considered to take longer time to lighten the hair when compared to chemical lighteners, but it is much safer. After completing the styling process, make sure to use a good conditioner all over the hair which can reduce the damage caused to the hair.
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To lighten your hair naturally, first mix about four parts lemon juice along with one part of water in a spray bottle. Add a little amount of additives like olive oil to mix the nutrients to your hair or a chamomile tea to slow down the lightening effect. Mist all over the hair with the mixture by saturating the hair until it is damp. Now expose your hair to the sun to enhance effect of the lemon juice. Make sure allow the spray on your hair for half an hour by sitting under the sun. Finally rinse the hair completely as usual and use a hair conditioner over the hair to help replace moisture the sun as well as lemon juice have removed from the hair. There are many things that can enhance the lightening effect in your hair such as swimming pool with chlorine water.
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