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Methods To Loosen Tight Perm


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Most of the women have experienced that their haircut is not come out as planned. In the same way their hair perm which can go wrong in some part of the hairstyle. In case you have gotten a hair perm and find the curls are too tight, just follow this simple method to loosen the tight perm. If you find this process very difficult, get help from a hairstylist.
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First wash the hair with a shampoo after removing the perm and use a deep conditioner all over the hair. Then brush the hair straight and wrap it with a cellophane bag. Leave the hair conditioner for about 10-30 minutes which will help to relax your curls. You can go for either hot or cold oil treatments which can help to straighten your hair. While going for a hot oil treatment, first heat up the oil before the application which will help to weigh down your hair as it nourishes by loosening the curls. Purchase an at-home hair straightening kits which include creams that can relax your hair. Make sure to consult a hairstylist before using these kits as they contain chemicals which can damage your hair. You can also braid the hair before going to bed which can smoothen your hair and unkink tight curls. Wear the braids loose to prevent a crimped look. Always use a shampoo and conditioner which has straightening capabilities as they can help to loosen your curls.
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